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PLC Controls  

“PLC Direct” Brand Controls (by Koyo) come standard with the 844.  These are simple, economical controls, yet are very powerful and versatile.  PLC Direct leads the market in units installed.  If plant floor data collection is a consideration, this controller has more than enough communication capability.

The operator stations has “touchpad” type buttons and a simple, long-life, large print, 4-line LED screen display.  Display messages include:

            Calculated Cycle Time Display.

            Machine Position in degrees.

            Parts Count A cumulative, reset-able part counter.  In addition, a count of parts produced on up to 16 different tools can be kept, and the machine will stop for a tool change when a limit you set is reached.  

            Active status information – such as “Front Door Open – Rear Panel Disabled.”

            Fault condition information – such as “Feed Slide Door Open” or “Lube System Fault.”  When a machine fault prevents startup, this avoids operator time spent searching for the fault.

            Setup Menu Functions – Adjust Spindle rpm and Machine Feed Rate from the keypad - no gears to change.

            Setup Functions Lockout Switch Keyswitch allows lock of settings, to prevent unauthorized changes to settings such as feed rate and spindle rpm.

The display screen and operator interface will last years, and since this is an LED display (instead of a CRT type monitor), future replacement will be simple and inexpensive.

The PLC is also able to control a bar loader and aftermarket threading clutch systems, potentially lowering their price by eliminating their controls and interface.  It has additional inputs/outputs to interface with other machine/shop systems such as broken tool detectors and air pressure sensors.  The PLC will also interface with your plant information systems network.

Features of the controls include:


Model:  DL405 from AutomationDIRECT.


(Allen Bradley PLC available as an extra cost option.)


PLC Configuration:  DL4-440 Processor, Eight-slot base, expandable.  CPU includes local I/O addressing, 32k removable EPROM Program Memory, 2 RS-232C ports (one can be used as RS-422C), 170 instruction types, time-of-day clock, and historical event log.


EPROM memory module simplifies program changes and updates to add/improve functionality.  The module is re-usable and stocked by S&M.


I/O Modules:  Over 60 types available, including 12-bit and 16-bit analog inputs and outputs, temperature, RTD inputs, Remote I/O and “slice” remote I/O, data communications (SDN, Modbus, and Ethernet), PID, DC I/O.  Modules are economically priced, available from PLC Direct.


Ports:  Four Communication Ports.  Three physical ports serve as four logical, independent communication ports which can simultaneously communicate to an operator panel, a PC Windows application, up to seven racks of remote I/O, and other PLCs on the network.  

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Last modified: March 22, 2006