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S&M  Machine  enables bar machines to deliver high volume, high precision, and high speed to their full potential.

S&M manufactures new six & eight spindle bar machines in our Wisconsin plant. 6- & 8-Spindle Screw Machine Manufacturer

Since 1965, S&M has serviced and rebuilt New Britain bar and chucking machines, manufacture and stock New Britain repair parts, attachments, and accessories, and provided excellent technical help. 

S&M has more in-house machining and process capabilities than any other screw machine rebuilder.

Customer Profile

Our customers are successful machine shops and product manufacturers with names you recognize.  These firms make parts and products that you know, used in homes and in public buildings, in transportation, and other areas.Screw Machines - Our SnM Machines, and remanufactured New Britain Screw Machines

Our latest machines now include variable speed motor drives and advanced yet proven screw machine design.   They each help increase overall shop efficiency, reduce machine, tool and maintenance costs, and boost quality.   By reducing labor needed to operate machines, by increasing machine speed, and by reducing setup and service time, we help improve per part margin.




Contact Information                                             Screw Machine Leader and New Britain Machine Source!

Telephone - Bill@ Administration, Marketing, & Manufacturing
          920-846-3223  (Fax 920-846-4803)
Telephone - Jane@ Service and Parts Distribution Center

800-323-1579  or  920-846-8130   (Fax 920-846-4803)

Company Address
109 E Highland Drive, Oconto Falls WI  54154-0149
           for info on these economical Wickman, Euroturn, Schutte, and Gildemeister alternatives!
S&M Machine    109 E Highland Dr    Oconto Falls, WI  54154

Voice:  920-846-3223     800-323-1579       Fax:  920-846-4803

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