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   New 6-Spindle


6-Spindle  Tolerances:  







Guaranteed Turned OD Part Tolerance is 0.0020.  The 654 and 664 will deliver the tool to within 0.0005 dependably, which results in OD accuracy of ≤0.0010.

Part Length:  Guaranteed part length within 0.0010.  The machines will maintain 0.0006 with environmental factors constant.  Holding part length within 0.0005 is common.

Centerline Repeatability:  Stated tolerance is within 0.0010, however our in-plant radial tests before releasing a machine usually show repeatability within 0.0007.

Machine performance at the hand of skilled, experienced, capable operators is approximately that of other multi-spindle machines.  As with any machine, the best operators and setup staff get the best results.

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Last modified: August 16, 2005