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654 Features
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Positive Seal Spindles



Model 654,  shown with standard Stock Reel and Enclosure.

Rear view, note separate motors for spindle rpm and for machine feed.


#654  6 Spindle 1-" Screw Machine


Also available in 1-" capacity - Model #664

Variable Speed AC Motor Drives - Now STANDARD!  Two Variable Speed AC Motors run the machine by design, not as an aftermarket add-on.  One motor drives the spindle rpm while the other drives the machine feed rate.

The operator's easy to use touchpad buttons allow changes to spindle rpm and/or machine feed rate in seconds, to optimize production and maximize part quality!  Even the High-Low shift point is adjustable for optimum cycle time!

Eliminated:  Feed & Speed Gears, Hi-Lo clutch, Feed Clutch, Hand Crank, Cam Limit Switches, and Main Drive Chain - all have been eliminated by the Variable Speed Motor Drives!   The machine is more efficient, with less noise, and needs less maintenance!  Lower stockroom inventory since speed/feed gears, clutches, and drive chain are gone!

Most tooling interchangeable with  the New Britain Model 52.

Smaller Footprint means more production per foot of plant space compared to bulky machines such as Acme, Wickman, Schutte, Euroturn, and Gildemeister - less overhead cost per part helps you be more competitive!

More arm, elbow, and hand room around the tool slides - easier, faster setup.

Positions 1, 2, 4 and 5 have cross slides of hardened tool steel.

Hardened tool steel tool slide and stem.

Double-Sealed Spindles for longer spindle life, keeps coolant out of lube oil for longer machine life, longer fluid life, and long-term part precision.

No more high maintenance High-Low Clutch, overrunning clutch, and brake.  More machine uptime.

Outboard style hydraulic pump lubes machine at power on, before spindle and feed begin.  Longer machine life.

One-year (2000 hour) warranty on entire machine.

Motorized, adjustable speed conveyor - standard equipment.

Hydraulic threading in 4th or 6th position is standard, with transfer to 3rd or 5th.

3 sliding (including 1 sliding inverted) and 5 stationary toolholders - standard.

6 cross slide cams and 1 main tool slide cam - standard.

6 collet tubes, 6 feed tubes, 6 chucking nuts - standard.

List price:  $184,500  Model 654  1-",  ready for cross-slide tool holders, feed fingers, and spindle collets.

Available options:

Pickoff/Backworking Attachments,

AcroFeed and Cucchi Bar Loaders,

Trabon High Pressure Machine Lubrication,

High Pressure Coolant pump and system,

Toolholders, Accessories, Attachments,

Machine Set-up, and  Machine Run-In.

   Many tool holders and accessories are available.

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