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S&M 844 8-Spindle Standard Equipment:

Six (6)

Independently Operated Cross Slides

Six (6)

Cross Slide Cams (your choice)

One (1)

Tool Slide Cams (your choice)

One (1)

Motorized Chip Conveyor

One (1)

Stock Reel with Silent Tubes, Stand, and Enclosure

Three (3)

Sliding Tool Holders (Including one Inverted)

Five (5)

Stationary Tool Holders

One (1)

Outboard Mounted 3hp Hydraulic/Lubrication Oil Pump

One (1)

Universal Threading Attachment with Hydraulic clutches

One (1)

Offset Drive For Tapping

One (1)

Die Head Spindle

One (1)

Oil Guard Set

One (1)

Coolant System, Pump, Lines and Valves.

Four (4)

Auxiliary Slide Operating Mechanisms

Eight (8)

Feed Tubes

Eight (8)

Chucking Tubes

Eight (8)

Chucking Nuts

One (1)

PLC “AutomationDirect” Model DL405 (D4-440 CPU)

Options available from S&M Machine

-  Tool Holders (Solid, Sliding, Inverted, Form, Box, Dove, etc)

Recess Attachments, Broach, Polygon Cutter, etc.

-  Front (Position 8) Pickoff / Backworking Attachment

-  Rear (Position 4) Pickoff / Backworking Attachment

-  Tool Slide Roller Supports and Steady Rest Attachments.

-  Oversize 1-1/16”, 1-1/8”, and 1” Hex Feed Tubes

-  High Pressure Coolant Pump & System

-  Trabon High- Pressure Machine Lubrication System

-  Automatic Bar Feeders (Acrofeed and Pietro Cucchi)

-  Turn-Key and Job Setup Services


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