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 Manufacturer of New Screw Machine, 8-Spindle Model 844 is efficient alternative to Acme, Wickman, Schutte, and Gildemeister                            Multi Spindle Screw Machines by S&M Machine Service, Made in the United States.


 The 8-Spindle Model 844  

"New Machine Advantage"     



Product Data Sheet

     S&M  Model 844

 Eight spindle, 1-1/8” Screw Machine

Machine Design:

In the tradition of the S&M 654.  Proven strong, tough and rugged, fast and efficient.  Built to boost productivity and efficiency, to leverage existing tooling, parts, and setup technician experience.  A machine to support efforts to produce precision parts at lower cost.

Base and housings:

High Strength, heavy castings for rigidity.  Castings are US made and machined by S&M for quality and accountability.  


All Gear Drive, no belts, no “timing” type chain.  Gears are hardened and precision ground to “aircraft quality”.   Model 844 operation is extremely smooth and quiet, more pleasant operator conditions, less operator fatigue.

Electronic High Speed for indexing – no clutches.

Power “Jog Forward” and “Jog Reverse” in Setup Mode for fast and easy setups and adjustments.

Available Tool Positions:

·     As many as seven (7) stationary, three (3) sliding, and one (1) inverted positions.

·      Up to four (4) auxiliary slides. 

·      Front and rear pickoff allows two (2) backworking positions.

·     Speed and tap in seven (7) positions.

·      Tool slide and cross slide feed rates are controlled electronically.

·      Spindle RPM is electronically controlled.

Tooling Availability:

Tool mounts are common with the S&M  654 and New Britain.  The majority of New Britain 52 cross slide tooling can be used with little or no alteration.  Very common, readily available tooling!  With industry standard design and components, the Model 844 is a very serviceable machine.

Accepts the same cross slide and tool slide cams as the S&M Model 654 and the New Britain 52.  


Electronic Controls:

Operator Control Panel on the front AND rear of the machine for safety, efficiency, and versatility.

Uses “PLC Direct” brand PLC controls, market leader (see PLC control section).  Simple to use yet powerful control systems.  Spindle rpm, tool slide and cross slide feed rates are electronically controlled to allow FINE ADJUSTMENTS and easy “tweeking”  for optimum production and part quality.

Standard displays include Parts Counter, Cycle Time, Feed Rate, Spindle RPM, multiple Safety/Fault messages.


Compatible with New Britain 51 collets.

Stock size up to:  1-1/8” round, 1” hex.  {If fitted with an automatic bar loader, maximum round stock is 1-1/4”.}

Fast index time, as low as 0.70 seconds, dependent upon rpm and stock size.

Sealed spindles, equipped with Tri-Plex bearings and all-rubber Forsheda v-ring seals to retain lube oil and exclude coolant for extended life.

Infinite spindle rpm control up to 4,000 rpm allows fast, easy optimizing of production, lowers cost per part.

Stock Reel, Stock Feed:

Lightweight Stock Reel allows faster indexing, is equipped with quiet type tubes.  Special lengths available.  Adapts to leading automatic bar feeder systems.

Lubricant/Hydraulic System:

Hydraulic/Lubrication system equipped with 3 hp continuous duty, direct drive, Tuthill pump.

Chip Conveyor:

Chip conveyor is motorized chain and paddle type on heavy stationary bed for long life.  Optional perforated metal belt conveyor available.


Large capacity, high production machine with a small footprint.  More production per square foot of floor space.

Same footprint as the S&M 654 and New Britain 52.  Base casting is 48.5” by 10’7” (1.23m x 3.23m).  With stock reel, total length is 19’4” (5.9m).  Machine height is 5’8” (1.73m), highest point (status/alert lights on control box top) is 7’5” (2.26m) above floor.

Machine weight (standard config) 15,250 lb (6,913 kg) with stock reel.

Machine Availability:

S&M builds machines in lots.  This means machines are often in stock or near completion.  Production units of Model 844 are ready for shipment.


220v or 440v 3-phase.  Main drive motor is 30hp, Feed motor is 7.5 hp, Coolant Pump motor is 2 hp.  Optional high pressure coolant pump is 3 hp.


One year (2000 hours), parts and labor. 

Parts Support:

Parts are maintained in stock at our plant, most manufactured by our people, on our own machines, completely under our control.  This is the accountability you want in your suppliers!  Feel secure with S&M behind you!

Customer Inspection:

Our plant is open to customers and prospective customers who would like to view our facilities and machines.  We encourage these visits. 

S&M Machine    109 E Highland Dr    Oconto Falls, WI  54154

Voice:  920-846-3223     800-323-1579       Fax:  920-846-4803

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Last modified: March 22, 2006