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   Carrier Grinding, Rebuilding 

S&M Machine:  The difference between thousandths and tenths.


                                  S&M differences that deliver precision. 


To achieve the dimension tolerances that customers demand, and low cycle times that drive the bottom line, machines must be tight and true.

Because screw machines will run for years with little attention, it is easy to overlook increasing wear in critical components that causes loss of precision, such as the carrier and carrier stem assembly.  Wear increases dimensional variance.

Proper care of this major component extends machine life:


Carrier repair/rebuilding, to correct oversize spindle bores, scored outer surfaces, and broken or worn stop plug pockets.  With customized equipment necessary to produce new carriers, we even grind the carrier thrust angle.

Regrinding and superfinishing carrier stems and re-bushing the tool slides.  (S&M has a customized machine dedicated to superfinishing carrier stems.)  Superfinishing extends machine life and precision performance by slowing the rate of wear during use.  Superfinishing achieves an almost mirror-like high micro finish for outstanding end-working precision long term!

S&M has developed it's own process of grinding both tool slide bushings precisely in line with the tool slide, and keeps a custom machine for that purpose only.  Slight clearance is left for the oil film between the tool slide stem and the bushings!

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Last modified: June 16, 2008