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Features On New SNM Machines

Found on both our 6- and 8-spindle models

Compare with Control & Variable Speed Drive Add-ons for Used Automatics  



Large Display of part count and cycle time.

Part count by tool with stop function.  Track number of parts made by up to 18 tools, will stop machine at a set number of parts produced if desired.

Fault messages to assist operator – less downtime.  Alerts operator of machine status, open guards, etc.

4-Line Safety & Control LED Display.  50% larger letters than Retrokit control LCD display, illuminated, readable from 20 ft and from side angles.

Ethernet, rs232, and/or rs422 ready – Able to connect to plant MIS systems for machine monitoring and control.

Machine designed for PLC by the Manufacturer.  PLC and variable speed drives are not aftermarket add-ons to a rebuilt machine.

Name brand, off the shelf, industry standard control (Allen Bradley or PLCDirect) for serviceability long-term.  Upgradeable.

Controls, Programming, and Machine serviced by the same firm – no finger pointing if there is trouble.

Controls Expandable.  Both Standard PLCDirect and optional Allen Bradley offer expansion bases, flexibility, and module options.

Machine Position Display – in degrees.

Precise control of high speed start/stop points and thread/tap start/stop. Specify number of degrees in High Speed, and exact thread/tap clutch shift points (in degrees) for lower cycle times, higher productivity.

Ready to connect broken drill detectors and other electronic monitoring systems – for safety & lower tooling costs.

“Jog” Feed Forward and Back – Fast, easy setup & tool changes.

Setup mode Machine Feed – cross slides cycle without carrier index

Adjust Spindle RPM without gear changes – more uptime, higher productivity, less staff support, optimized setup - fast!

Adjust Machine Feed Rate without gear changes – more uptime, higher productivity, requires less staff support.  No Hi-Lo, Feed, or overrunning clutches to adjust, monitor, and service.

Fine adjustment of spindle rpm & machine feed rate possible – to optimize cycle time and tool life.  Some add-on controls do not eliminate feed and speed gears so you are limited to available gear ratios.  S&M’s system let’s you select feed rates between the rates of available gears.

Machine Jam/Stop Detection – detects if the a crash or jam stops the machine feed while the motor has power.

Carrier Location/Lock Failure Detect – Stops machine if improper carrier location is detected, to avoid out of spec parts and even tooling crashes.

Guarding design provides larger opening into tooling area for more arm, elbow, and hand room – more visibility, faster, easier setup & operation than New Britain splash guards (doors).

Heavy Cast Machine Base – highly rigid for tight tolerances with less variance.  (Some New Britains on the market have weldment bases.)

Dual rubber spindle seal system – for improved spindle bearing and lube oil life for reduced operating expenses, plus less machine wear.

Index time:  6-spindle is 0.8 seconds;  8-spindle is 0.7 seconds

All machine castings, parts and components are new.

Machine is currently in production new.

SnM Machines are New, not rebuilt – S&M builds new machines, and also remanufactures New Britains.  Remanufacturing is done by a firm capable of manufacturing - that is, machining and repairing cases, parts and components.  In contrast, rebuilders install purchased parts as needed.  S&M is not a parts installer but a bona fide manufacturer/remanufacturer.

Greatest machine life and market value – new machines are a better investment and can be expected to have the longer life.

Best Performance – new machines hold tolerances longer.

No Main drive chain, Hi-Lo, Feed, or overrunning clutches to maintain.  More uptime-less adjustments, less maintenance load.

No investment in a selection of feed gear sets to change feed rate, no investment in speed gear sets to change spindle rpm, and no main drive chain to maintain and replace.

Machine noise level.  Lack of clutches, feed and speed gears, and main drive chain means less noise generated by the machine for a quieter shop.

Stock reel pans and covers are standard –less stock tube noise, more safety, & better shop appearance.  Rarely included on rebuilt New Britains.

More pleasant for operators – our machines are more quiet, and convenient to operate for higher worker retention, less fatigue, more operator attention.


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