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S&M 6- & 8- Spindle Multi- Spindle Automatic Bar Machines

100%  US  Built.


Today's S&M screw machines marry PLC and variable speed motor control technologies  to dependable bar machine design, resulting in even faster machining without a complex operator interface.  The new S&M screw machines run more smoothly andS&M Machine, new screw machines, used screw machines, screw machine leader quietly for longer life and less operator fatigue.

Turning complex parts in a few seconds each is not wishful thinking for experienced screw machine users.  Screw machines have over 100 years of history and still beat the best of CNC machines when it comes to low cycle times and high volume machining.

Multi-spindle automatic bar lathes, or "screw machines," are complex machines able to machine 6 or even 8 parts at a time.  The cutting tools are actuated on slides mechanically by arms, cam followers, and/or CNC servo driven cross slides, with all the machining steps occurring concurrently at each of the 6 or 8 carrier spindles.  New machines feature PLC controls and variable speed motor drives.  The machines automatically feed bar stock into the spindles after each completed part is cut off.

Screw Machines from S&M are new! For High Speed Machining, depend on S&M Screw Machines!With all the spindles at a machining station at the same time, a part is completed in the length to time of the longest machining step.  If the longest step requires 3 seconds, machining at all stations will have completed their machining during that amount of time.  When the carrier rotates (indexes) one position, the process is repeated.  After each indexing, the piece that has moved through all stations is cut off and a new length of bar stock is fed out for its trip through the machining stations one by one.

Screw Machines produce for many years after losing their ability to hold tight tolerances, causing many machinists to assume they cannot hold close tolerances even when new.  However the new S&M machines (and our rebuilt New Britains) in the hands of sharp setup staff and operators will machine to very tight specifications.  With good maintenance practices, they will do so for many years!

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Last modified: August 16, 2005